It’s all about the ring

It’s all about the ring, right?

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Christel Davel!! What an awesome experience…

I’ve known Christel since High School, but once she started posting photos of her amazing work on Facebook the deal was sealed!

We did our homework as well, we asked around, got quotes from other goldsmiths and even went to various local jewellery shops, but nothing could beat Christel’s excitement and passion towards making my engagement ring. Not only did Christel answer all our questions, but also gave us professional advice on the best materials to use and the reasons why. An amazing benefit of using Christel Jewellery is that all her designs are custom made to a person’s wants and needs. She includes a 3 dimensional rendering of the ring, to provide her customers with a real-time experience of how the ring will look. We found that she could create our ideal ring from a picture we sent her and got it right to the T!

In fact, we were so happy with her work that we went straight back to her when it came to the manufacturing and design of my wedding ring! Again all she needed was a picture!

Christel does not see you just as a number – she knows the importance of the ring to you and gives you the special treatment that you deserve.

Her word is her honour and it shows in her work!

I love my rings…

Anel Halewijn

I am absolutely delighted

I recently had a white gold and diamond ring made for me by Christel and I am absolutely delighted by the finished piece.

I am extremely pleased with her quality jewellery and prices are not exorbitant. It is stunning and just what I asked for, they got the design perfect! I would recommend Christel to everyone who is interested in a personalized and unique piece of beauty.

Devon Walsh

Everything was perfect

I was very happy with the exceptional service and quality Christel Jewellery provided. Everything was perfect and the order was completed within the agreed time-frame.

Erold Davidson

I love my ring

3 Years ago I re-made my wedding ring at Christel Jewellery. My original engagement ring was fragile and kept losing small diamonds. After a bump the top section broke completely. Christel re-made a better, stronger version of my original ring. I love my ring, the design and durability has exceeded my expectations. Her work is exceptional and the finish of the product is fantastic. I would recommend anyone to use Chistel, the quality of her work is great, I am very pleased.

Nolene van der Linde

The detail in her work is exceptional

Christel Jewellery is phenomenal. The detail in her work is exceptional and she strives to give you the best. You can really see that her work is her passion. Thank you for my beautiful ring.

Yolindi Barnard

Her craftsmanship is absolutely amazing

Working with Christel was an absolute pleasure. She was very welcoming and professional. Her craftsmanship is absolutely amazing with the rings for my wife and myself made to perfection. We are very happy with our rings and it has been two years since we got the rings, and they are both still in prime condition.

I will recommend Christel to anyone, looking for someone to design and create the rings of your dreams.

Kiran Ninan

We could not have asked for better craftsmanship and skilled design work

My husband and I had our wedding rings made by the closest goldsmith in our area. It was an absolutely disaster.
I was not happy, I couldn’t find myself to want to wear it at all. I then met Christel a year after the wedding, very keen to have her re-design my old ring. I fell in love with the ring Christel made for me. Was I happy with my ring? Yes! Extremely happy.

We could not have asked for better craftsmanship and skilled design work. We are forever grateful and happy to have met her.

Michelle Pretorius

Thank you for this beautiful ring

Thank you Christel for making this ring. I am reminded of how we sat down and discussed what this ring should look like.

Your professional input regarding the pros and cons helped me a lot. You guided me through the whole process. Thank you for this beautiful ring. When we look at this ring now we are gladly reminded of the significant gift we received. What I pleasure to have been assisted by you. Thank you Christel Jewellery.

Wilhelm Jansen van Vuuren