Create your own kind of Perfect…

Christel’s difference is the advantage of being able to design and manufacture according to the individual requirements of each client. This enables her to create unique, high quality products that she is able to offer to each client. By allowing the client to be part of the design process they are able to give their input before the manufacturing process begins. This process ensures that their dream idea will become a reality, exactly the way they envisioned it, without disappointment.

Another difference with Christel is the diamond or gemstone that crowns her products. Because each design is unique, Christel is able to provide unique stones for each product based on size, colour, style or budget requirements.

Christel can also make use of your old gold jewellery and family heirlooms. These materials can either be melted down, credited or used in new manufactured pieces.

Christel obtained a four year degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing that forms the foundation of her knowledge. Being a very talented artist helps her to incorporate this knowledge and skill to design and manufacture.